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Lewisham Fundraising Development Programme

As part of an innovative new scheme funded by Lewisham Council, LEAN is hosting a fundraiser that can help groups and artists operating in Lewisham with a free programme of fundraising support for projects incorporating the arts.

Posted: 04/05/2023


What is it and who is eligible for support?

The Lewisham Fundraising Development Programme is a new initiative, funded for 3 years by Lewisham Council, which provides free fundraising support for arts, culture, sports and community groups operating in the borough. If you’re a freelancer working in the arts in Lewisham, you’re also eligible to access the free support.

The programme is delivered through a partnership between 4 organisations, each hosting a specialist fundraiser with a specific focus:

  • Lewisham Education Arts Network (LEAN) – Chloe Booth and Lindsay Harrod (Arts and culture – to October 2023)
  • Lewisham Local – Karen Jeffreys (Equalities)
  • Age UK Lewisham and Southwark – Leanne Wenham (Cold spots)
  • Platform Cricket – Kieran Connolly (Sports)

About the fundraiser

Chloe (she/they) and Lindsay (she/her), sharing the post of Arts Fundraising Development Consultant until the end of September this year, and we’re here to help with fundraising queries and advice for the next few months.

What kind of support is available?

The fundraiser can support people with:

The fundraiser can support people with:

  • 1-1s  –  An online or in person session to run through any fundraising challenges or opportunities you’re facing, where to look for funders, how to approach an application or budget, or how to build a sustainable fundraising strategy etc.
  • Application reviews – The fundraiser can review applications and budgets once drafted, offering feedback and an objective second pair of eyes to help you get it in the best possible shape before submitting.
  • Strategic and collaborative bids – If you’re looking to lead or participate in a strategic funding bid that brings together a range of partners within Lewisham and you need some additional capacity to take your idea forwards, our fundraiser might be able to help.
  • Events and training opportunities – We’re working with the other fundraising development managers on fundraising focused events and workshops, as well as meet the funder events.
  • Resources – We’ll be creating a range of resources to support fundraising that focus on common needs or challenges, like creating a budget or researching funders.
  • We want to be responsive to the needs of organisations in the borough so please do reach out with suggestions of the kind of support you would like if it’s not covered above.

    How do I access it?

    To keep up to date with news of all the support and opportunities available across the programme, join LEAN’s network and sign up to the shared fundraising development manager newsletter here.

    To access 1-1s or application reviews please complete an initial expression of interest form and one of the fundraising development managers will get back to you.

    A brochure outlining the current offer from all the fundraising development managers can be accessed here. This outlines a range of free and light touch support managed by the other fundraisers, including the popular Friday Fundraising Club run by Lewisham Local.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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