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Help with Your Main Grants Applications

Like LEAN, many of you will  be working on your Lewisham Main Grants application. Use the stats and demographics on this website to help you.

Posted: 10/03/2022

A Picture of Lewisham created by Public Health has some brilliant statistics and demographics. Did you know that one of the fastest growing non British nationalities in the borough is Italian! Ever wondered how many languages are spoken in our schools? The School Language Census taken in Summer 2017, showed over 160 languages are spoken by Lewisham pupils.

If you need to describe why art seducation is so important reach for the Arts in Schools resource created by A Bacc for the Future, Creative Learning Alliance and What Next.

Lots of encouraging statistics such as:

‘Participating in the arts lowers cortisol levels in the blood stream – i.e. lowers stress’ ,  

The creative economy accounts for 1 in 11 jobs across the UK’

and Participation in structured arts activities can increase cognitive abilities by 17%.’

But also some scary ones such as:

‘Between 2010–2017 the number of arts teachers fell by 20%’

‘2016-18 saw a 17% DROP in arts GCSE entries’

If you can, give LEAN a hand too and let us know what we should be doing in the future by completing our quick (5-10 minute) survey.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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