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Education policy: Ebacc update

Cultural Learning Alliance have published a synopsis of what politicians are currently saying about Ebacc and the implications for the arts in schools.

Posted: 07/06/2015

CLA covers speeches made by Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools, on 11 June announcing the government’s renewed emphasis on the English Baccalaureate and Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, made on the 16 June. 

CLA analyses the statements made and give their views with a clear rebuttal. For LEAN, and for CLA, is the perennial problem of dividing the curriculum into academic and non-academic subjects, with the arts categorised as the latter. We would argue vociferously that the arts are rigorous and challenging; not the easy option that some consider them to be.

Let us know whether you think Ebacc will have a negative impact on the arts and on the opportunity for young people to receive a well rounded, broad education.

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