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Cultural Education: A Summary of programmes and opportunties

A document from the Government summarising ambitions, and opportunties open to schools and teachers.

Posted: 07/11/2013

Just before the National Cirriculum Framework was published, the DCMS and DfE published the above document on Cultural Education.

As The Cultural Learning Alliance points out in their news piece (link below), the document was originally a ‘plan’ but now is a appropriately named as a summary of what is available:

‘This makes sense, as although the document acts as a dossier of interesting existing activity, it has no National Plan attached and launches no new initiatives or ideas – a stark contrast to the well-received National Plan for Music Education of 2011.’

Within the document there are examples of projects in schools, programmes receiving support from DfE, comments on reforming qualifications, GCSEs and more.

Page 57 summarises the role of ‘A National Bridge Network’ in children and young people accessing arts provision.

Appendix A (pg 67) details Darren Henely’s vision of cultural education and what each child should receive.

The Cultural Education document is attached and available here:

For The Cultural Learning Alliances comments see:

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