Hope Prize 2021, Arch 468

Arch 468 are offering a £10,000 commission for a new play that offers a vision of hope for now and the future.

Deadline: 29th March 2021

Open Until:

Posted: 03/11/2021

This year, Arch 468 want to commission a new play written from a perspective of hope that can be produced in both the live and digital realms.

There’s no denying that the past few years have felt pretty challenging for most people. From economic crisis, political polarisation and rampaging climate change to the global pandemic that has put life as we know it on hold, lots of us have been struggling in the dark for too long and it can be hard to imagine a future that feels bright with hope and promise. 

But hope is important. It’s the thing that keeps us going when all seems lost, the thing that helps us imagine a better way of being and gives us the curiosity to find ways to get there. Hope is the fuel that drives every innovation, every attempt to advance the sum of human knowledge, every revolution and every leap of faith. It is what prompts us to make friends and fall in love, to make art, to have children, to protest, to vote, to travel and learn. It is the lifeblood of life itself and we cannot afford to let it fade from our public discourse. 

They are offering a £10,000 commission for a new play that offers a vision of hope for now and the future. That doesn’t mean some naïve panglossian fairytale; we want to be truly convinced that the future can be bright and we want to share that hopeful surety with our audiences in a way that sticks. 

They’re hoping for a broad spectrum of forms and subject matter that will challenge the habitual assumptions we make about the world and people within it. They want to be surprised and inspired by a work that gives us a new vision of what our world might look like. They want authentic feeling stories in dialogue with the world we live in now and we believe in the power of brilliant leaps of writerly imagination. 

The Offer

·      A £10,000 commission for a full rehearsal draft of a new mid-scale play suitable for both live and digital production.

·      A commitment to produce the selected play in a fully staged professional production.

·      Dramaturgical support & creative friendship supported by R&D resources as needed. 


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"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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