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Narratives of Empathy and Resilience Artists Call Out. A programme taking place between May and July 2021. This initiative aims to help redress the balance of the under-representation of artists working in the Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) sector.

Deadline: Monday 19th April 2021

Open Until:

Posted: 04/12/2021

This programme
will provide opportunities for artists to explore making work for young
audiences, with their ‘work in progress’ presented at an industry
Provocation Day. Half Moon’s methodology provides the conditions to create
excellent art, allowing artists to take risks or change direction,
whilst always considering and respecting the target audiences.

They are seeking 17 dynamic and enquiring artists from a range of
disciplines at all stages of their careers; from those starting their
creative journeys, to those who are established but who have never
created work for the TYA genre previously and who are keen to try
something new. All artists should have an interest in creating work for
young audiences, be that for babies or teenagers/young adults, or all
ages in between. Previous experience in this genre is not a requirement
to be selected, as they are actively encouraging applicants who may be new
to TYA.

These roles are:

  1. Designer x 2 (fee £1,400 / 12 days)
  2. Composer / Sound Designer x 2 (fee £1,440 / 12 days)
  3. Writer x 4 (fee £1,200 / 10 days)
  4. Spoken Word Poet / Poet x 3 (fee £1,200 / 10 days)
  5. Assistant Director x 3 (fee range £700-1,200 / 7-12 days)
  6. Trainee Dramaturg (Spoken Word Poetry) x 1 (fee £800 / 8 days)
  7. Specialist Performer / Artist x 2 (those whose performative artform
    falls outside the above categories, i.e. puppetry, clowning, Kathak,
    hip-hop, DJ) (fee £1,440 / 12 days)

The programme will take place at Half Moon’s theatre base, with some visits
to local schools, youth and early years settings. Access support will be
provided for those artists who require this to participate. Half Moon
is a fully accessible venue.


For more information and to apply, visit the website.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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