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Social Mobility and the Skills Gap, Creative Education Agenda October 2016:

Demonstrating how the current focus on the EBacc - alongside plans for apprenticeships - are limiting the life chances of the next generation

Posted: 08/03/2016

Category:Calls for action and campaigns

Social Mobility and the Skills Gap, Creative Education Agenda October 2016, published by The Federation of Creative Industries highlights
how current policies threaten the UK’s standing as a global creative power by
failing to produce enough young people with the mix of creative and technical
skills needed.

It points out that the
EBacc, which includes no creative subjects, is encouraging a dramatic decline
in the take-up of them, and goes on to say:

EBacc is based on a list devised by the Russell Group of universities. But even
this institution does not believe this list is suitable or desirable for all
pupils. It is simply one way of keeping options open. In fact, 11 of the 61
most popular subjects offered at Russell Group Universities either require or
suggest a creative subject taken to A-level.’

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