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Lewisham Arts Strategy 2009-2015

Lewisham's last Arts Strategy focused on making Lewisham a creative borough with a thriving arts sector, vibrant communities and active residents.

Posted: 08/03/2022

Category:Lewisham Policy

Lewisham’s 2009-2015 Arts Strategy identified four strategic aims:

  1. Sense of place – to develop Lewisham’s identity as a vital, creative place to live, work and learn through innovative and sustainable design and the provision of high quality creative destinations.
  2. Creative economy – to develop and strengthen the sustainable economy for Lewisham through the support and encouragement of the cultural and creative sector.
  3. Creativity and skills – to support active participation in the arts and promote opportunities for children and adults to develop their creativity and acquire new skills.
  4. Active, cohesive communities – to harness the power of the arts to support community cohesion, wellbeing and community safety.

Please note this document is not current and should be used for reference only- there is not currently a formal Arts Strategy for Lewisham.

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