The Art of Mindfulness: Mindful Movement for Peak Performance

Gain insight into your own creative process with this innovative workshop by Dr Tamara Russell where you will be guided through a series of pioneering movement exercises to help you be more focused in the moment.

Date: 24/07/2024 – 24/07/2024


In this innovative and interactive workshop, neuroscientist, martial arts expert and leading Mindfulness trainer Dr Tamara Russell will guide you through a series of pioneering movement exercises helping you to be more focused in the moment. The exercises are derived from martial arts practices and up to the minute neuroscience research.

This workshop will help you achieve an alert mind in a relaxed body, and perform to the best of your ability in everyday life. You will learn how to pay close attention to your moving body, gaining knowledge and insight into how body and mind interact for optimum human functioning.

Dr Tamara Russell PHD, D.CLIN PSYCH (Art of Mindfulness)

Part of Switch On NOW, a festival of arts and mindfulness events tapping into your creative potential, by NOW Live Events. For the full line-up, click here.


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