Catalysing Change: Sound Connections Challenging Circumstances Music Network Conference


Date: 22/05/2024 – 22/05/2024


A catalyst, in chemical terms, is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected, sparking new energy and instigating change. We’ve called this year’s Challenging Circumstances Music Network conference Catalysing Change because all of us, whether young people, practitioners, project managers and representatives of music organisations, academics, researchers, teachers and funders, can be a catalyst for change in our work.

In recent years excellent research has been undertaken in the field of music in challenging circumstances, we have more knowledge and intelligence than ever before, and in London we have a wide range of challenging circumstances expertise. Nonetheless equitable provision is still an aspiration not a reality.

At this year’s conference we ask:

  • What does social need in London look like in 2016?  What challenges are young Londoners facing?
  • How do we identify musical ‘cold spots’ and create opportunities to fill these gaps?
  • What will it take for every child and young person to have access to high quality, sustained music opportunities?
  • How can we all catalyse change?

The event will be an innovation lab in which connections and chemical reactions can occur. We’re hoping the results will be explosive – shaking up your practice and setting you off on new experiments through music!

Programme outline:

28 June

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Full day tickets are £85, half day tickets at £50 – if you can’t attend the whole day you can select if you would prefer to attend the morning or the afternoon session when booking online.

Discounts are available for CCMN members, students and groups. Free tickets are available for carers and Wired4Music members. Email admin@sound-connections.org.uk for more details.

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