Working with Chaos, Bollo Brook and Sound Connections

Sound Connections is working with Bollo Brook to explore how can the music education and youth sectors learn, share and collaborate to effectively support some of the most vulnerable young people through music?

Date:  18th March, 13th May

Cost: FREE

Posted: 01/08/2021

Bollo Brook Youth Centre in Ealing serves some of the most vulnerable young people in London, and has been credited with saving young people from rising knife crime violence. At the heart of Bollo Brook are the Bollo Studios which is a safe space for young people to work with professional studio engineers and producers, to experiment and express themselves through music.

This series of events will confront issues facing these young people, through provocation from experts and with the young people themselves. There will be space for exploration and discussion, and to hear some of the music emerging from the Studios. It will also be an opportunity to establish a community of practice for those working with young people in challenging circumstances.

Session 1: Broadening Horizons

Session 2: Censorship in the 21st century

Session 3: Are you listening? Youth voice today


For more information about each session and to book your place, visit the website

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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