Rainbow of Desire Theatre Workshop

Rainbow of Desire, an Image Theatre technique deals with conflicting needs, desires and wants among individuals and explores power relations and collective solutions to concrete problems.

Posted: 10/03/2022

This is a method and set of techniques that is especially useful for teachers, educators, social workers, psychologists, mental health professionals, community activists and other group leaders who work with marginalized and disadvantaged populations, who have been victims of bias, discrimination and oppression. Rainbow of Desire is intended to examine conflict within groups, and to seek ways to resolve those situations of conflict.

Led by Tony Cealy.

Tuesday and Wednesday 25th and 26th September, 2012, 10 to 6pm at St Mungo’s Hostel, NW10.

Organisations £100/ Individuals £80/ Concessions £60

This is our third year of delivering professional training in the Techniques of the Theatre of the Oppressed and has an extended programme of workshops and one day trainings. Tony Cealy and Catherine Pinhorn have, between them, over 25 years’ experience of using Boal’s work to make community projects to inspire change.

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