LEYMN Annual Conference 2016: Raising the Baton

Raising the Baton: Exploring the diverse styles and repertoire of early years music making. 

Our sixth annual London Early Years Music Network conference is returning to the heart of our work – music.

Our community is united through a belief in the power of music but the opportunity to discuss the repertoire we use and how it can impact on children is rare.

Posted: 12/10/2015

We shall explore how music is used
in early years activities, environments and experiences.

  • Are we
    making best use of the resources available?
  • Should we
    take more risks with our musical choices?
  • What can
    we learn from other art-forms?
  • Is the
    music we use the best it can be?
  • Where do
    you begin when composing for young children?
  • How do we celebrate the
    diversity of audiences through music?

This one-day conference is held in the beautiful
Royal Albert Hall and will provide a rich day of presentations, case studies,
discussions and practical sessions. By coming together we will celebrate good
practice and identify where more work is needed and what our network can
achieve together. This is why this conference has a timetable with everyone in
mind; from practitioners to project deliverers, cultural organisations to classroom
teachers, composers to setting managers.

Delegates will feel inspired to embed music into
the heart of their practice to enable every child to have a musical childhood.

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