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Why the arts make a difference

In late 2010 the City Bridge Trust commissioned Gerard Lemos of Lemos&Crane to undertake a study of the benefits that arts organisations can have on society.

Posted: 10/03/2022


The changing meaning of art and artistry

 Whilst not a major funder of the arts, the City Bridge Trust has, over the years, funded a wide range of arts organisations to undertake work which meets their priorities. This includes, for example, improving mental health or assisting with the rehabilitation of offenders.

At a time when public expenditure cuts have hit arts organisations in particular, the City Bridge Trust wanted to showcase some of the enormous range of creative activity, which can literally transform the lives of people who are from some of the most isolated and disadvantaged communities in London.

The results of this have been published in two documents. Create-ability: The changing meaning of art and artistry provides the full, un-edit version of the study, whilst The Arts Case: Why the arts make a difference is a shortened version of the main report, published as part of the City Bridge Trust regular bite-sized periodical The Knowledge: Learning from London.


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