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BBC and What Next launch a year long initiative

Posted: 03/10/2015

The recently released Warwick Commission’s report: Enriching Britian Culture, Creativity and Growth set the scene for the launch of Get Creative: a new initiative encouraging everyone to be creative. 

Celebrities shared their stories creativity. Timothy Spall was inspired by teachers and how they demonstrated connections between music, art and humanity. ‘What are you until somebody gives you an opportunity’.

Johnny Vegas had everyone laughing making a teapot that can pour in 1 minute; creating pottery gave him a sense of self belief as he struggled at school. Having his own children, he feels strongly about creativity ‘in education we’re so focused on telling kids their limitations.Get back to telling them what they’re good at’.

Other speakers included Deborah Bull, Director Creative Partnerships, Culture at King’s College, she passionately spoke of the importance of taking risks and going on a creative journeys- when you don’t know the end result. Creativity opens doors; Bull expressed concerns that at age 14, options are closing down. Bull believes we are all born creative and creativity is important for our own survival as we face global challenges.

To address the squeeze on creativity, the #BBCGetCreative year long programme is for everyone. It includes:

  • Radio and TV programmes and debates
  • National Events
  • 64 million artists: weekly emails to encourage creativity
  • Opportuntiies to share your creativity on social media using #bbcgetcreative
  • Working on involving all age groups
  • Your organisation can become a creative champion

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