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The Big Link-Up National Event

The Big Link Up National Event, hosted by the Cultural Learning Alliance, took place on Tuesday 23 November at the British Museum and was attended by 300 delegates from the cultural learning sector, including Jane Hendrie from  Lewisham Education Arts Network.


Posted: 12/10/2010

The Cultural Learning Alliance (CLA) has been campaigning for cultural learning since March 2010, calling for the best possible practice and thinking to inform a strategy for the promotion and delivery of cultural learning for children and young people across the country. Follow the link above to sign up.

You can also read more about what happened at the Big Link up.

Ed Vaizey MP – Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries (joint Minister with Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) – made a speech at the event. He referred extensively to the model used to consult about music education, the Henley Review, as a model that could be employed for all artforms.

The review focused on:

* how to make sure that music funding benefits more young people

* improving the music opportunities young people receive both in and out of school

* improving the teacher training and professional development offered to music teachers

* how to attract more music professionals into schools

* how best to offer quality live music experiences to all young people

 Recommendations have not yet be published. However, The Importance of Teaching, The Schools White Paper 2010 states:

 4.31 Children should expect to be given a rich menu of cultural experiences. So we have commissioned Darren Henley to explore how we can improve music education and have more children learning to play an instrument. The Henley Review will also inform our broader approach to cultural education. We will support access to live theatre, encourage the appreciation of the visual and plastic arts and work with our great museums and libraries to support their educational mission.

Consultation is being sought in Spring 2011.


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