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Positive findings in evaluation of MakeBelieve’s Giant Tours

In Autumn 2011, MakeBelieve's Giant Tours visited over 15 schools in London supported by The Wellcome Trust. Part of this support enabled MakeBelieve to evaluate the programme.

Posted: 03/06/2012

Professor Daniel Davies from the Centre for Research in Early Scientific Learning, Bath Spa University, evaluated the Giant Tours programme.

“72% of teachers who were involved in the Giant Tours programme were of the view that it was children’s participation in the workshops through the use of drama/role play which had been crucial in engaging their attention, ‘making complicated facts accessible’ and ‘relating science to their own experience’,” Professor Davies said.

  • The number of children who could identify AND correctly position at least one organ connected to the digestive system increased from 75% before the workshop to 94% after;
  • 89% of children in Year 3 & Year 4 could identify at least one organ in the circulation system before whilst 100% could after;
  • The number of children linking red blood cells to the circulation system rose from 21% to 67%;
  • Correct linking of the white blood cells to defence rose from 24% to 90%.

For the full report please visit MakeBelieve’s website.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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