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NEW REPORT: The Arts empower children and improve life chances

Cultural Learning Alliance has published ImagineNation: the value of cultural learning. This new publication builds on their original ImagineNation: the case for cultural learning published in 2011, and sets out how studying arts and culture changes and shapes the lives of children and young people.

Posted: 02/01/2017

Lewisham Education Arts Network welcomes and applauds the work of Cultural Learning Alliance and hope you will make good use fo their new report.

The knowledge, skill and experience made possible by the performing
and visual arts, film, museums, libraries, heritage and exploring the
built environment, are essential to young people’s development. Through
cultural learning, young people are encouraged to explore other
cultures, past and present, and inspired to contribute to the arts and
culture of the future.

Celebration and a call to arms

is a celebration of this important work, and a call to arms for
everyone in education and the arts in the UK today. Every effort must be
made to halt the erosion of the arts as an essential pillar in the
structure of education, and to ensure that all children are the
recipients of a broad and balanced education.

We need to support
our schools and settings, many of which are struggling under the weight
of complex bureaucracies and competing agendas. 


of the ways to make the case for the arts is to deploy the arguments
and evidence in this document. They show that the arts and culture are
not an add-on, or a nice-to-have, but are part of the fabric of our
society, and that young people have a right to experience the best, and
to be given the opportunity to make their own contribution to the
continual reshaping of our civilization.

We must
celebrate our successes, build best practice, and learn from each other;
in challenging times, it is up to us to be the champions of young
people’s hopes, talent and ideas. 


host of leaders have come together to add their voices to the debate and
make a truly powerful case for the value of cultural learning. You can
see the full list at the beginning of the publication.


Please download and share ImagineNation widely.

Continue the debate at LEAN’s Myths and Misinformation on 9th February 2017. 

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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