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New Report on Cultural Engagement and Partnerships in London Schools

A New Direction commissioned, NFER investigation into the extent and nature of cultural engagement in schools -  report published.

Posted: 10/12/2012

In an introduction to the report on their website, NFER states:

The study indicated that London schools are overall reasonably committed to and active in their cultural engagement activities. However:

  • a substantial minority do not refer to cultural education in their school development plans or have a member of the governing body with responsibilities for cultural education
  • they are far less engaged with the creative and cultural industries than they are with music, theatre, museums and galleries
  • they report less engagement initiated by the cultural sector than as a result of their own pro-activity in seeking out cultural engagement opportunities.

Key barriers to schoolsÂ’ cultural engagement include lack of funding, transport issues, lack of information about the available opportunities, and time to arrange activities. Survey responses and best practice identified in the consultations highlights the importance of a tailored offer from cultural organisations. The report challenges the cultural sector to diversify their offer and work in partnership with schools, to provide high-quality cultural experiences for children and young people throughout London.

Holly Donagh, Partnership Director, AND gives her own analysis of the findings and welcomes feedback.

LEAN asks:

  • Do the findings reflect the cultural education landscape in Lewisham?
  • Do Lewisham schools agree with the findings? (366 responses were recieved from 2,890 schools across London)
  • Do the barriers to participation resonate with you (school or cultural organisation)?
  • What is Lewisham cultural organisations’ response to the finding that schools report less engagement initiated by the sector than as a result of their seeking out such opportunities themselves?

Send LEAN your comments.

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