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NEW Online Programme for Young People 14-19

Theatre Centre's upcoming Future Makers season is a fantastic opportunity to suggest for young people you work with. A free online programme that builds creative skills and nurtures artistic ideas.

Dates: 24th October - 12th December 

Posted: 10/01/2020

This is a new programme that offers a consistent, term-long opportunity for creativity for young people in Lewisham 14-19 years old. Theatre Centre’s ethos is based in artist activism.

There are multiple ways to take part including evening Masterclasses, weekend/holiday incubators, and social gatherings – all online.

There will opportunities to learn new skills, collaborate with professional artists, eat together with invited guests, and share work with one another. 

This is a great opportunity for young people that may be missing creative projects, or wanting the stability of a long-term project. For those that are creative, or would like to have more social experiences with other young people with similar interests. 

For more information go to their website


"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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