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New National Curriculum Published 8 July 2013

The National Curriculum Framework, The Cultural Learning Alliance assessment and your chance to comment

Posted: 07/11/2013

The Government have launched the new National Cirriculum Framework in response to ‘relevant factors’ including the consultation earlier this year.

You can follow the link below to comment by 8th August 2013

Please see attached the National Cirriculum Frame work from the Government website below, you can also find the following on the site:

  • National Curriculum programmes of study and attainment targets Sept 2014 consultation documents
  • Draft legislation
  • Reform of the National Curriculum in England; equalities impact assessment

You can find interesting short summary on The Cultural Learning Alliance website, including

  • What’s good about it?
  • What needs improving?
  • What’s missing?(i.e. the lack of Drama, Film and Dance mentioned) here:

Equally, please feel free to contact LEAN via our emails or if you have any comments on the National Cirriculum Framework.

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