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New Culture and Community Development Service in Lewisham

The new Cultural and Community Development Service has been created through the reorganisation of staff within the Community & Neighbourhood Development Division and Arts Development Team, Sports and Physical Activity Team and Leisure Teams from Cultural Services Division.

Posted: 05/03/2013

These teams are within the Community Services Directorate but have responsibility for a number of crosscutting functions, many of which require high levels of political interaction, including:-

  • Grant aid
  • Olympic and Paralympic Legacy
  • Local Assemblies
  • Positive Ageing Council
  • Community Assets
  • Relationship with the third sector – including arts and sports organisations
  • Volunteering
  • Events
  • Creative Industries
  • Leisure Contracts: Monitoring and Capital investment
  • Encouraging Social Enterprise

The service will be led by the Head of Culture and Community Development, Liz Dart, supported by a team of three managers.

Community Resources Team – Manager Petra Marshall

This team will ensure the efficient and effective use of council resources allocated to the service. They will support the work of the Culture and Community Development Service as a whole providing:

  • Grant management
  • Information management and analysis
  • Asset management
  • Contract clienting – including both leisure contracts
  • Finance and administrative support

Community Enterprise Team – Manager Carmel Langstaff

This team’s primary focus will be to support community, voluntary and cultural organisations operating in the borough to become more enterprising and sustainable and to provide oversight to the Local Assemblies Programme.

Cultural Development Team – Manager Andy Thomas

This team will provide the council lead for the arts, sports and physical activity. They will ensure that the council maintains strong relationships with national and regional bodies such as the Arts Council and Sports England as well as local sports clubs and arts organisations. A key focus will be on increasing participation in cultural activity and articulating the related social, economic and health benefits.

Contact Jane Hendrie or Elizabeth Murton from LEAN if you want more information.

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