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Government plans for the EBacc and consultation

Get involved and help the Cultural Learning Alliance formulate a response by 29 January

Posted: 10/03/2022

Nicky Morgan announced plans for the Ebacc and a consultation on how it will be implemented back in November 2015. Cultural Learning Alliance are working on their response and are keen to hear from those working in arts and education/learning.

The current proposals include:

  • 90% of pupils in mainstream secondary schools will enter the EBacc
  • Schools will have to report as a headline measure:
    • number of pupils entering the EBacc
    • average EBacc point score
  • EBacc will take ‘a more prominent role’ in Ofsted assessment. 

CLA’s initial thoughts are that our response will be strongest if we:

  • try and answer a the questions directly (even though they don’t address the wider EBacc issues)
  • make a really strong economic and achievement focussed argument for how the arts impact children progressing to HE and employment (see our Key Findings for useful stats)
  • ensure that we make the case that access to the arts is absolutely about social justice: the benefits, and social and cultural capital associated with the arts should not become the preserve of those who can afford them
  • highlight the effect of 3-year GCSE delivery on Key Stage 3 (with as much evidence as possible)
  • highlight the recent falls in arts teacher numbers and teaching hours in schools
  • talk about the strength of a school’s cultural offer being an essential draw for teacher recruitment and retention 
  • make the point that increased headline accountability measures for EBacc are ‘needless bureaucracy’ – Progress 8 and Attainment 8 are sufficient.

CLA Call:

If you have any evidence, numbers or arguments that we can use to illustrate and highlight the above, any thoughts on other routes or approaches we should take, or thoughts on ways we can boost and highlight the arguments you are making, please email and let us know. 

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