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‘Children are natural learners who deserve an abundance of new experience’

Newspapers report on a letter condeming the Government's education policy signed by 200  children's authors and leading academics including Poet Laurete Carol Ann Duffy.

Posted: 10/07/2013

The Times printed a letter (pay wall, see below) on Tuesday 1st October stating concerns over education and new national policies.

Whilst not specifically naming or listing the arts, the letter does comment on the importance of broad experiences:

‘Children are natural learners who deserve an abundance of new experience, but the proposed straightjacket of government demands on their teachers will destroy the educational richness that should be children’s birthright. Childhood is too important to be squandered or exploited. It needs wide horizons, high hopes, confident expectation and absorption in the joys and challenges of meaningful learning.’

Guardian report here:

NSEAD print the letter here:

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