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Arts Council’s new plans for museums and libraries

On the 14th July ACE published a review by Estelle Morris which looks at how ACE's current strategic framework, Achieving great art for everyone, could be expanded to encompass museums and libraries.

Posted: 10/03/2022

ACE will use the Morris review to inform the development of new strategic goals for the next 10 years for libraries and museums.

For cultural learning this review is good news. It recognises the central value of learning activity across all cultural organisations, suggests expanding the current ACE goal of ‘Children and Young People’, and recommends the addition of an additional sixth goal around ‘Civic Engagement’.

Morris makes the case for the current ACE goal 5 (relating to children and young people) to be extended:

‘The goal needs to go beyond the impact on children and recognise the role played in formal and informal learning from infanthood to old age and the opportunity it gives for raising aspirations and widening horizons for people of all ages and backgrounds, at all stages of life’.

Morris goes on to recognise that the purpose of museums, libraries and the arts is to create a civil and civilised society. She also recognises that definitions of ‘excellence’ can differ between art form, museum and library, and suggests adding a sixth ACE goal to encompass all this linked, but different activity.

Source: Cultural Learning Alliance – For the full article and further information on this click here.

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