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AND on working with the National Cirriculum Framework

AND article asks how can schools be best supported in response to the National Curriculum?

Posted: 07/11/2013

AND asks,

‘Our reading at this stage, is that we need to think about:

  • ways that the cultural partners and practitioners can help schools find creative approaches to enlivening the curriculum (for arts subjects and non-arts subjects)
  • the scope to develop really innovative approaches to jointly writing curriculums with groups of academies or free schools
  • how tools such as the Arts Award and other forms of out-of-school -hours learning in the arts could be nurtured to make sure we fill any gaps left by the introduction of the new model.’

Please follow the link to the full article:

There is still time to comment on the National Cirriculum Framework!

Please see our other News post, with the Framwork document attached, links to the digestible overview from The Cultural Learning Alliance and the link to place your comment on the Government website:

Equally, please feel free to contact LEAN via our emails or if you have any
comments on the National Cirriculum Frame work.

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