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£50 million fund for summer schools for disadvantaged students

The Department for Education has announced a new £50 million fund to support secondary schools to run summer schools to help disadvantaged pupils make the transition from primary education.

Posted: 10/03/2022


Secondary schools can now sign up for £500 for every disadvantaged pupil taking part in a two-week summer school.

The money applies to all pupils transferring in to Year 7 who are on Free School Meals or have been in care for six months or more.

The Department for Education suggests that the funding could be used for:

  • Transitional activities such as meeting teachers, having a tour of the school or learning more about their new curriculum.
  • Additional intensive support in English and mathematics.
  • Wider enrichment activities such as arts, music and sports activities, trips to theatres and museums, visits to local higher education institutions and employers.

Schools will be free to ask third parties, such as voluntary groups, to
run the summer schools for them or work together with other schools if
they wish to do so, for example, to help provide sporting or cultural
opportunities, or where they do not have significant numbers of
disadvantaged pupils.

Applications must be submitted by schools by 30 April 2012. Schools will receive confirmation of their funding allocation in May, with half of the funding paid in advance to allow schools to book activities, if they choose to do so.

Summer schools will run between July and August and schools will be contacted in September to find out how the summer schools went and paid the remaining funding.

More information is available at the Department for Education website.

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