Army of Creatives 2022

“Lots of the talks are about traditional jobs and if there is something creative or someone talking to us from a creative job it’s just mentioned and not made a big deal about” (Young Person – Discussions on Creative Careers report).

Posted: 28/01/2022

The Army of Creatives project took place in April 2022. LEAN recruited 30 local creative professionals and flooded year 9 classes in the borough, totalling over 3000 engagements with young people. 

Army of Creatives:

  • Recruited 30 local creative professionals across varied artforms to be part of the project. Nearly 70% of the professionals involved are from a Global Majority background.
  • Provided training and brought professionals together to get share their knowledge of delivering workshops to young people.
  • Brought local creative professionals into 79 lessons and assemblies to meet and work with year 9 pupils.
  • Created downloadable resources and video content for pupils, teachers and families to learn more about the creative industries and those who work in them.
  • Created a list of links where people can discover more about the creative industries, learn more about specific jobs and get tips on how to build the skills that future employers will be looking for.

A summary of the project and our evaluation can be found here.

The full final evaluation report from Army of Creatives can be found here.

Download resources, watch videos content and see our list of creative career websites here.


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"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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