Youth Music Open Programme – Funding for music-making activities

The Youth Music Open Programme is available for organisations wishing to apply for grants of £5,000 to £30,000

Open Until:

Posted: 09/03/2010

The Youth Music Open Programme targets nearly £2m of Youth Music’s funding towards projects that support our goals of:

• Early Years – advancing the learning and development of all children in their early years (0-5) by aiming to ensure universal access to high quality music making in England

• Challenging Circumstances – improving the life chances of children and young people in the most challenging circumstances by supporting them to achieve their full potential through engagement and progression in music making

• Encouraging Talent and Potential – realising the musical talent and potential of children and young people by ensuring opportunity for all to develop their talent regardless of background or chosen genre

You can apply at any time, but there are three closing dates remaining for 2010/2011:

10th September 2010 (for grants offered by end November 2010)

10th December 2010 (for grants offered by end March 2010)

10th March 2011 (for grants offered by end end May 2011)

A range of Downloads, including Applicant Guidance, Eligibility Criteria and Application form and Hot Tips are available to help with your application.

Before you apply, Youth Music strongly recommend that you do the following:

Check your eligibility for Open Programme Funding

– Read the Applicant Guidance

– Contact your Regional Executive Officer

Applications for funding must be made online






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