Youth Music funding, deadline imminent

Fund A deadline on 4 December 2014 but there are more deadlines in the new year and also for Fund B.

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Posted: 10/03/2022

The following funds are available:

  • Fund A – grants of between £2,000 and £30,000 are available for between six and 24 months.
  • Fund B – grants of between £30,001 and £200,000 (to a maximum of £100,000 per annum) are available for between 12 and 36 months
  • Fund C – grants of between £50,000 and £180,000 per annum for 36 months are available.

Funding is available for:

  • Developmental music-making projects for children and young people – music-making activity that achieves personal, social and musical outcomes for children and young people in challenging circumstances. Projects must be working with children and young people who live in England aged up to 25 years including children in their early years (0-5 years).
  • Strategic work to support the development of the workforce, organisations and the wider sector – support for projects that achieve positive outcomes for organisations and the workforce to ensure that high-quality sustained and progressive music-making opportunities exist for young people.

All applicants are expected to address the following priority areas:

  • Supporting children and young people in challenging circumstances – priority will be given to applications that help young people whose challenging circumstances act as a barrier to accessing music-making. These challenges may be:
    • Economic – children and young people whose family income restricts or prevents their participation in music-making, because it is unaffordable or inaccessible.
    • Relating to a life condition – children and young people with a condition which makes their participation in music-making more expensive or complex, such as a disability or sensory impairment.
    • Relating to a life circumstance – children and young people who are living in situations which makes their participation in music-making more expensive or complex, such as looked-after children, young carers or those living in rural isolation.
    • Behavioural – children and young people whose behaviour means they need additional support or specialist services in order to be able to participate in music-making, such as young offenders or young people at risk of exclusion.
  • Creating high quality music-making experiences – priority will be given to projects that address quality on two separate levels:
    • The quality of the participants’ experience (ie the process of learning and developing).
    • The quality of the musical output that participants produce (ie the product of their experience).
  • Supporting young people’s progression – priority will be given to projects that can help young people progress musically, personally and socially. Applicants should consider how they can provide a supportive and engaging environment that encourages personal progression journeys regardless of a young person’s chosen musical genre or circumstances.
  • Sharing practice – projects should commit to sharing their learning and experiences with others.


  • Fund A: 4 December 2014; 23 April 2015; 23 July 2015; and 22 October 2015.
  • Fund B: 21 May 2015; and 5 November 2015.
  • Fund C: 12 September 2014. Details of the next deadline will be added when the information becomes available.

More information is available from Youth Music’s website.

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