Volunteer Callout: Sun & Sea

Perform alongside 13 professional vocalists in the UK premiere of Sun & Sea.

Open Until: 22/04/2022

Posted: 11/04/2022

A crowded beach, the burning sun, bright bathing suits and sweaty brows and legs. Tired limbs sprawling lazily across a sea of towels.

The performance that stunned audiences at the 2019 Venice Biennale will make its UK debut this year at the Albany co-presented with LIFT and Serpentine. The main house of the Albany will be transformed into a crowded beach, complete with 10 tons of sand and 13 vocalists taking on the role of beachgoers enjoying the sunshine.

As part of the production we are looking for local community members and local choirs, of any age (at least 12 years old), gender, ability, racial or ethnic background and body type to volunteer, spend some time on the beach and join the performances from 23 June to 10 July 2022.

We are also looking for volunteer dogs!


Taking part – what will it be like?

Sun & Sea is a live performance that takes place over four hours. It features live opera singing from individuals and choirs too. In total there will be 25 performers (including volunteers) on the beach at any one time, and an audience of up to 150 people watching.

All volunteers will wear swimwear that they feel comfortable with on the beach. You will lie on the beach, and might occasionally go off stage to get sprinkled with water (as if you’d been in the sea) or to collect an ice cream.

Important to know:

  • No previous performance experience is needed.
  • There are a limited number of volunteer places so not all applicants will be able to take part.
  • The creative team for the production will be looking to form a group that is representative of Lewisham and the mixed community who live here.
  • Performances take place 6-10pm on weekdays and 2-6pm on weekends.
  • You will need to be free to take part for all of one of the following slots:
    SLOT 1: Thurs 23, Fri 24, Sat 25 June
    SLOT 2: Sun 26, Weds 29, Thurs 30 June
    SLOT 3: Fri 1, Sat 2, Sun 3 July
    SLOT 4: Weds 6, Thurs 7, Fri 8 July
    SLOT 5: Sat 9, Sun 10 July
  • You may be asked to provide your own costume in a certain colour palette. If you do not have anything in that colour palette we will be able to provide something for you.

The UK premiere of Sun & Sea is presented by LIFT, the Albany and Serpentine as part of LIFT 2022, Back to Earth and We Are Lewisham.


"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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