Venues: Apply now to host the 2016 Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award Artist Residency

Applications are now open for venues wishing to host the Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award, Artist in Residence programme in 2016. 

Open Until:

Posted: 07/08/2015

museums and visual arts venues throughout the UK are invited to submit
proposals to host the 2016 Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award (ARMA), Artist in
Residence, worth £15,000. The Award funds a 10-week artist residency and public
art commission to be displayed at the host venue or nearby. A further £2,250
will be available to the host venue to cover expenses.

Applications are invited from both organisations with experience in
hosting artist residencies and/or running learning programmes, and those with
little experience and for whom this would be a good opportunity to develop work
in this area. The residency will run from spring/summer to autumn 2016. The
artist/s will create an indoor or outdoor artwork (temporary, semi-permanent or
permanent, see Venue Application Information, below) for the venue or nearby,
and will carry out (as a guide) 8-10 days of education activities with
children, young people and/or family groups during the course of the residency.
The commissioned artwork will respond to the venue, e.g. to a collection,
display, the building, the venue’s history, or to an audience group who use the

Award is an opportunity for a venue to work with an artist or artists through a
residency and public art commission, and develop their education programme with
children, young people and/or families. The venue does not need to have
previously hosted an artist in residence or to have commissioned artists to
create artworks to apply for this Award. Visit
http://engage.org/arma2016venues for further information.

Application deadline: Monday 13 July 2015

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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