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London Arts Orchestra is striving to get young people interested in classical music.

Through their work with schools the London Arts Orchestra enables children to learn the stories behind the music and explore their relationship to the music and how it influences their emotions.

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Posted: 12/10/2010

Art and Music Workshop

Using a piece of music as a basis for this project and during their normal art lessons, the children will create their own emotional response to the music using various art forms.

In music workshops and under the guidance of music 2 workshop leaders, the students will  compose their own music linked to the themes they have been studying.

The students will each receive a free ticket for the concert that the repertoire is performed by the London Arts Orchestra and their artwork will be exhibited for the audience to see.


Creative writing and music workshop

Using a piece of music for a basis the students will create a poem telling the story or describing a character or scene of the piece of music. This enables students to improve their aural awareness and listen to music in a constructive way, listening for specific motifs or techniques used by the composers.

In music workshops and under the guidance of 2 workshop leaders, the students will use compositional techniques they have learnt to compose a piece of music in response to a poem.

The student’s creative writing will be exhibited at the London Arts Orchestra concert so the audience are able to see the work they have done.

Pricing 2010/2011

The length of the workshops is variable and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your school.

1 Day workshop £400

2 Day workshop £650

5 Day workshop £1,350

These prices are for 2 leaders and include travel costs.

Open rehearsals

This season the London Arts Orchestra are offering young musicians the opportunity to sit in on an orchestral rehearsal.

The students would get the chance to see how the orchestra works together and the levels of professionalism and dedication that are needed to be an orchestral musician.

A rehearsal space will need to be provided by the school in order for this to happen, if the school has a large hall or theatre then this would be the ideal location for the open rehearsal to take place. If the school does not have a large enough space then arrangements can be made for the students to come to the concert venue on the day of the concert and watch the final rehearsal.If you would like to give your students the opportunity to see behind the scenes of an orchestral rehearsal please contact me to arrange details.


"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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