“Ring Round the World” – Epic Opera Education Project for Schools

EPOC are inviting London schools to help compose and perform the biggest opera ever written, as a celebration of London 2012. Every school will be twinned with a participating Olympic nation, and will receive a fun, fast-paced, interactive opera presentation in school, 3 full days with professional artists (composer, director, designer and/or film-maker), and will create a brand new song and scene for inclusion in a professional performance in a London theatre.

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Posted: 10/03/2022

The project will culminate with 36 professional performances – some of which will be at a venue near you! Each performance will be unique, consisting of 4 pre-written scenes, professionally composed and sung, (set in London, China, Greece and Australia), and 6 additional scenes and songs, provided by participating schools, each visiting a different country.

The story will centre on a quest – a journey around the world – to collect the very best that different countries have to offer and bring them back to London. It will ultimately be a celebration of the cultural melting pot that is our capital, and the Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence – but with music as the universal glue that binds us. Every school will gain an in-depth knowledge of one other country, and the project as a whole will travel around virtually every country in the world.

Throughout the project, EPOC will provide expert guidance, not just through its visits to school, but also through INSET sessions and a wealth of online and hard copy resources, to assist with everything from the twinning process (with resource packs for every one of the 216 participating Olympic nations), through character blogs, instructions between visits, uploading of songs, national anthems, storylines and general documentation of the process.

By the end, this will provide a massive online music education resource, universally accessible, and entirely child- and teacher-friendly. After the full tour, the entire 216-scene opera will also be available to be viewed online

This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a brand new opera for London, for children to work with professional composers, singers, musicians, directors and film-makers, to learn new songs, drama and music-making skills, and to actually perform alongside the professionals in a fully produced opera on the London stage.

Please register your interest NOW, so that we can keep you informed as plans for the project develop. INSET is scheduled to start from September 2011, with the first school visits from Januray 2012. The performance tour will run from May-July 2012.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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