Performances/Artists/Workshops for Wild Child Festival

Wild Child Festival is a brand new children's arts festival launching in South London on 17/18/19 August 2018. This intimate outdoor festival is seeking high-quality creative workshops, performances and art installations that will enchant, delight and engage the imaginations of children aged 0-11 years and their grown-ups. 

Deadline for proposals: 6 April

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Posted: 10/03/2022

The festival will feature a range of zones each featuring a different art form. We are searching for artists to deliver the following:

WORKSHOPS: We are seeking workshops in which children & adults can take part together. Workshops should be an opportunity for grown-ups to embrace their inner child and children to enjoy sharing new experiences with their parents/carers. Each workshop should ideally last between 30-40 minutes and should be able to be repeated several times throughout the day.

PERFORMANCES: Performances should fit within the following brief
Suitable for audiences of up to 300 (Children will sit on the floor and adults on chairs)
Can fit onto a stage space of approx. 6m x 6m
Can operate either without lighting or with very basic lighting
Can operate with minimal set. 
Be able to set up in approx. 20-30 mins (any set can be stored backstage in between performances)
Should be between 30-40 mins in length
Can be repeated several times during the day

ART INSTALLATIONS: We are seeking artists and designers who can design and construct the decor in and around the tents inspired by the themes of the festivals zones. Artists must be able to work with a budget and be available to install on 16TH August. You will have a full day for install if necessary.

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