Now Open! Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) Funding

NCIL gives local authorities a fantastic opportunity to work with local communities to use funding from development to support infrastructure and revenue projects in their local area.

Open Until: 23/09/2024

Posted: 08/07/2024

Lewisham NCIL funding 2025-2027 will provide up to 2 years of funding for a wide range of community projects. 
The total funding available for Capital and Revenue projects in Lewisham is £2,553,242.78.

Revenue projects are any project which require day to day funding for example: events, activities, services etc.

Capital projects are physical structures or pieces of equipment and its installation for example: playgrounds, community centre equipment, planters etc.

There are two NCIL funds available: 

  • The Borough-wide NCIL awards funding to capital and revenue projects that will benefit three or more wards in the borough or the whole of Lewisham. The total fund available is £621,732.92.
  • The Ward NCIL awards funding to capital and revenue projects which benefit each of the 19 individual wards in Lewisham. The amount available in each Ward NCIL fund varies. The total fund available is £1,931,509.86

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Apply before Midnight on Monday 23 September 2024

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