Now Open: Lewisham Arts Festival Fund 2018–19

If you are a Lewisham-based non-profit making constituted group offering arts festival projects you can use Crowdfund Lewisham to get people to support your ideas, or complete an application form (if you think Crowdfunder is not suitable for your campaign). Lewisham Arts Festival Grant scheme may be able to match fund up to 70% of your target up to a maximum of £4,000.

Open Until:

Posted: 10/03/2022

What is a festival? 

A festival must be accessible to Lewisham residents. It could be:

  • an event or series of events
  • a series of workshops
  • arts programming

How much funding you can get

Lewisham Arts Festival Fund will pledge a maximum of 70% of the total cost of your project, with a maximum pledge of £4,000.

Funding criteria

Lewisham Arts Festival Fund supports projects that:

  • enhance the identity of Lewisham
  • generate new participants and audiences as well as support existing ones
  • engage and enrich local communities
  • strengthen local areas and neighbourhood partnerships
  • provide a platform and offer professional development for local artists
  • deliver economic benefits to the local community and the borough.

The 18/19 fund is
for events scheduled before October 2019.

Funding will be awarded on a rolling basis via Crowdfunder and via direct
application until all funds are awarded.

Find out more on Lewisham Council’s Website

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