New funding round for European Commission’s Youth in Action programme

The European Commission has opened a new round of funding for innovative and quality projects in non-formal education and youth work under the Youth in Action Programme.

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Posted: 07/12/2012

The Commission has published a new Call for Proposals to support projects which target the introduction, implementation and promotion of innovative and qualitative elements in non-formal education and youth work.

Non-profit organisations or networks active in the field of youth are eligible to apply, including non-governmental youth organisations and public bodies at regional or local level. Projects must be based on a transnational partnership between at least four organisations from different programme countries, at least one of which must be a Member State.

Preference will be given to projects which reflect the permanent and annual priorities of the Youth in Action programme, namely:

  • Participation of young people.
  • Cultural diversity.
  • European citizenship.
  • Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.
  • Youth unemployment, poverty and marginalisation.
  • Spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship, employability.
  • Grassroots sport and outdoor activities.
  • Global environmental challenges and climate change.

The innovative aspects of a project may relate to:

  • The content and objectives, in line with the development of the European cooperation framework in the youth field and the priorities of the ‘Youth in Action’ programme.
  • The methodology applied, bringing new ideas and approaches to the field of non-formal education and youth.

The total budget available for this Call is €1.5 million. The total maximum grant available is €100,000 for up to 70% of the project’s total eligible costs.

Further information can be found on the European Commission website. The deadline for applications is 3 September 2012 (noon, Brussels time).

If you are interested in making an application to the Youth in Action programme, please contact LEAN as we may be able to help you with advice on your application.

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