‘Look Out London’ schools competition.

As part of Children's Art Day 2010, engage in the visual arts has announced a new competition to celebrate the creativity of children and young people in schools throughout London. The deadline has been extended to 28 September 2010, giving schools a further opportunity to take part.

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Posted: 25/06/2010

The theme this year is ‘Look Out London’, and will be looking for  visual work by groups and individuals that shows they have been looking at spaces and places in London in new ways.
You can enter projects that took place between April and July 2010 that have allowed participants to have experienced one or more of the following:
Encounters with a gallery, museum or heritage site
Working with an artist
Responding to material such as artworks or buildings or the natural environment
 One school can make up to 5 entries, to include both groups and individuals.
 Entry to the competition is via an online form and the deadline for entering is 13 August 2010. 
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