London Community Response Fund Wave 1 now open

Wave 1 is for small grants of £5,000 for essentials such as food and essential supplies, and aimed at charities helping Londoners with coping with shielding and self-isolation.  

Open Until:

Posted: 04/01/2020

The first wave of funding will focus on urgent needs, though later funding will support organisations to deliver services in new ways to support communities, and to ensure that their longer-term needs are considered by the funding community.

Wave 1 Small Grants:

This first wave of funding from the collaboration of funders is for urgent needs so that you can cover costs that you are incurring right now to support communities affected by the covid-19 outbreak and the move to social distancing, with a focus on food and essentials. 

Groups have told London Community Foundation that they are incurring additional expenditure to meet short-term needs around food and essential items such as mobile phones, data and cleaning products in these initial weeks. This funding is intended to enable you to cover these essential and urgent costs so that you can carry on providing support to Londoners.

You can apply now for a grant up to £5,000 for these immediate and urgent needs.

There is a rolling
deadline of every Friday starting this Friday 3 April
and applications will be
assessed the following week after each Friday deadline. 

Costs incurred
from March 23 onwards are eligible. 

Groups unsuccessful at the first
deadline will be re-submitted for a 2nd chance.

Applying now for the small grant for essentials
does not exclude you from applying in Wave 2 or beyond. 

Visit the website
for more details, guidance and application process, and sign up for updates as
new funding becomes available.  If you have visited the site and read the
guidance and still have questions, you can email info@londonfunders.org.uk for

Website: https://londoncommunityresponsefund.org.uk/

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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