Interactive History Performance for KS2

GLYPT will bring history to life with two fully interactive productions for KS2 students Jan 2013

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KS2 History, English, Drama & PSHE pupils are encouraged to:


Actively participate in group discussions and the performance

Evaluate the performance and their own contributions

Develops confidence & allow them to explain their views

Expand their knowledge & understanding of events, people & changes in the past


Fiery Dragons – For Year 3 & 4

Explore the Saxons and Viking with a humorous & imaginative production specifically tailored to support the KS2 History curriculumTime travel with us to 877 AD, to old England and Guthrum the bloodthirsty warrior and his Viking hoards rampage across the land. The Battle of Edington approaches but with Kings Alfred of Wessex in Hiding and Guthrum on the warpath, will the country fall into the hands of the Danes? During a gripping, interactive and hilarious two hours learning, GLYPT actors and facilitators take your whole year group on a daring quest, where they help the warriors, kings and peasants in our story change the course of history. By the end of the morning, children will have gained a wealth of facts, knowledge and understanding and teachers will take away a toolkit of new ways to approach the topic.


Explores invasion & settlement in the Anglo-Saxon & Viking periods

Studies myths, legends & literature including Norse mythology & Saxon poetry

Looks at ship burials, archaeological finds and everyday life in local areas

Supports literacy curriculum: understanding and writing poetry, journal writing


“An informative workshop that captures the imagination of the children whilst giving them the tools to ‘think outside the box!”Yr 4 Teacher


The Wisdom Pot – For Year 5 & 6


Discover The Benin Empire with an interactive & imaginative production covering

World History Study section of the KS2 curriculum

Celebrate identities and heritage, with connections to the SEAL curriculum In the 1400s Oba Ewurawe led an Empire that was the most powerful in Africa. He created a shining city, a system of government & the most beautiful bronze plagues the world had ever seen. Travel through history to 2012 when the beautiful ‘Benin Bronzes’ sit in British museum, gathering dust. Come with us to the burning heart of West Africa for a vibrant journey of discovery & controversy. The Wisdom Pot is a play about how we tell stories and interpret history to understand who we are. The Wisdom Pot is a fully interactive theatre performance and workshop. The pupils are engaged as active participants, and challenged to solve historical and ethical dilemmas using drama and debate.


Explore the rise and fall of the Empire, and its distinctive contribution to history.


The opportunity to practice reasoned arguing and discursive language connecting with the literacy curriculum.


A chance to celebrate our own identities and heritage, connecting to the SEAL curriculum.


Provides opportunities for pupils to discuss the nature and diversity of societies in Britain and the wider world through ‘historical enquiry’.


“An enthralling journey that will challenge children’s perception of how history is told, as well as provoke their understanding of identity and humanity” Yr 5 Teacher


Dates: from 25th January 2013 (daily at 9:30am or 1pm)

Venue: The Tramshed (Woolwich) or your school

Length: 2 hours

Capacity: 60-90 pupils from Yr5 or YR6 children (2 classes) and accompanying staff

Cost: £350 at The Tramshed or £400 at your school

To book: 020 8854 1316 / info@glypt.co.uk



"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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