ENGAGE Gathering Momentum – Call out for Contributions

Gathering Momentum will be a two-day online programme filled with imagination, ideas and inspiration aimed at the people at all stages of their career in the visual arts engagement workforce. The event will help us to explore and imagine the future challenges and possibilities of the next decade.

Open Until: 28/11/2022

Posted: 21/10/2022

Engage is delighted to invite colleagues working in arts engagement to submit proposals for 20-30 minute contributions to Gathering Momentum. Between 8-12 contribution proposals will be selected by the Gathering Momentum Young Producers.

Contributions might include:

Presentations on projects or research
Interactive or workshop-style break out sessions
Creative presentations, performances, or interventions
Thematically, successful proposals are likely to support attendees to consider:

The next 10 years of visual arts engagement practice
Emerging local, regional, national and global challenges and opportunities within participatory practice and/or the sector more broadly
Consider the particular role that the next generation of cultural workers will have in shaping practice
Radical and emerging ideas that might transform the way we work
Inspirational learning and insight from younger people
To submit a proposal for Gathering Momentum
Contributors will need to be available during the scheduled event either the 16th or 17th March 2023. Please indicate your availability within your proposal.
Access to a reliable internet connection and a personal computer will be required to participate.

Proposals should include:

Your contact details
400-500 words detailing the content of the session and its relevance to the Gathering Momentum themes
Expected duration
Any limits on capacity (number of participants)
Details of any collaborators or partners.
Links to any relevant online media or images

Please use clear plain English to write your proposal (avoid jargon or academic language).

Submit your proposal via email to creativeproducer@engage.org

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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