Exciting opportunity for 16-18 years olds to develop and perform in a contemporary art work in Deptford art gallery

Two contemporary artists are looking for a group of young performers (16-18) to collaborate with them on a 5 day performance in February 2016 at Green Ray, a new art gallery in Deptford.

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Posted: 10/03/2022

The two artists, Lea Collet and Marios Stamatis, would like to work with a small group of local young singers, dancers and actors for this work. They are looking for people who would like the opportunity to share their talents in a collaborative work and the chance to work with two contemporary artists on an exciting public project.

The group will work with the artists in a residency over five days at Green Ray. During these five days, the group of performers and the artists will use the gallery as a rehearsal space where the audience will be invited to witness the mechanisms of a production process.

It will be a great opportunity for young performers to create a physical script and a choreography, both situated in a fluid mise-en-scene connecting movement to voice. The performers will interact with props and costumes in order to build a set collectively.

Taking as a starting point popular songs and television programs, each day the performers will be asked to respond and interpret the given materials according to a certain theme. An example of those themes can be: movement, poetry, exercise etc. 

Interweaving voices, movement and feelings, the group will reflect upon the production of meaning through the use of skilled performance with associative references to popular culture. The space will lie somewhere between a makeshift rehearsal studio and sculptural installation. Each day, the rehearsals will be open to the public.

Dates are from Monday 15th February 2016 to Saturday 20th 2016 with a performance in the evening. Young performers will be required to work with the artists for 3 hours per day.

Food and travel costs will be covered.

If interested, please email greenrayproject@gmail.com and include the following information:

– Your name and age

– Why you are interested in the opportunity

– What your skills are e.g. singing/dancing/acting/etc.

– Your contact information  – email address and telephone number


Lea Collet (b. 1989) & Marios Stamatis (b. 1986) live and work in London. They have collaborated since 2013 after graduating from Camberwell College of Arts. Lea Collet completed her MA Fine Art in 2015 at The Slade School of Fine Art.

Their work examines notions within and around the subjects of performativity and power structures in correlation with contemporary rituals, props and bodies in action. They often invite collaborators with various skill sets to participate in their performances creating a malleable stage for improvisation.

Recent shows and performances include Faith Dollars, Taxfree Imagination & Uptown Bliss and Chorus for Three at Assembly Point, 2015; I Never Lied to You and Into the Fold at Camberwell Space, 2015; Chorus for Two at Tara has no rooms inside, 2015; Ambiguity Symposium at The Showroom, 2015; The Book Club; V22; V&A (London, UK); Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain, 2014 (Geneva, Switzerland); Artiria (Lefkada, Greece); SITE (Stockholm, Sweden).



"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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