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Opportunities for schools, local authorities, federations of schools and affiliated bodies in the UK

British Council are accepting applications from UK schools and co-ordinating bodies twice per year and open each application round two to three months in advance of the deadline.

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Posted: 10/03/2022

The next recruitment deadline for UK schools and co-ordinating bodies will be 21 October 2011.

Eligibility criteria for UK applicants

When recruiting in the UK for schools and local authorities/federations of schools (or affiliated bodies) to participate in Connecting Classrooms, the following eligibility criteria apply (with occasional variances depending on the partner countries involved):

• Schools in the cluster should not already be receiving funding (nor have applications pending for funding) from another source for work with the chosen partner country/countries.

• You must apply with the right number and combination of schools in your cluster, according to the requirements of the region of the world that you are applying to work in partnership with. However, the schools do not need to be situated together geographically. This information will be available on this website when each application round opens.

• All schools in the cluster must have at least the Foundation level International School Award. Registration for the Foundation ISA is simple – download the ISA Statement of Intent, then follow the instructions on the ISA website. All schools accepted onto Connecting Classrooms will be expected, and supported, to work towards the next levels of the ISA during the course of their involvement in the programme.

You should also ensure that your application has:

• Support from a strategic body, which is usually the local authority or federation of schools. To confirm this support the form must be signed in Section D by an appropriate representative – the Director of Children’s Services (or equivalent, or nominee), or the head of the federation of schools. In some cases it may be more appropriate for an affiliated body like the Youth Sport Trust or Specialist Schools and Academies Trust to fulfil this role, in which case the head of this organisation must sign the declaration.

• A named partnership co-ordinator – to complete the application and co-ordinate all the UK schools in the partnership. This is usually an official from the supporting body (as above). Alternatively, it could be an official from another organisation that is willing to act as a co-ordinating body, or an individual from the lead school in the cluster.

• Connecting Classrooms co-ordinators – a named person from each school to manage the project in their school.

For more information and answers to the most common enquiries, please see the frequently asked questions page.

Connecting Classrooms Online Community

Outside of application periods, or if you are not yet ready to apply to Connecting Classrooms, you might like to join our online community to get a taste of what an international partnership could do for your school. In the online community you can take part in online discussions with other teachers globally, find international partners and access advice on ICT tools that can help you to build and sustain partnerships with schools in other countries.

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