Boundless Accelerator 2021 - Call Out for proposals

Boundless Theatre is committed to discovering the best ideas from artists who might not be known to us and developing the extraordinary artists of the future, now. They are looking for bold, imaginative work for 15–25 year olds that aims to start a conversation with the world from diverse perspectives.

Deadline: 16th May 2021

A cash bursary of £2500 and a package of bespoke support from Boundless will initiate new work that responds to the 2021 theme and embeds co-creation with 15-25 year olds.

The global pandemic has disrupted much in person climate activism that had gained momentum with young people in recent years and digital carbon creates complexities around online activism.  Boundless Accelerator 2021 aims to create a positive creative space for  theatre makers to create, start conversations and blend activism with their work for 15-25 year olds.

They are interested in supporting new work for individuals and communities already experiencing the consequences of climate change. This might include ‘climate migrants’ who may have had to leave their homes due to changes in their natural environment, extreme weather and water scarcity, or those in the UK not currently platformed as part of the climate movement including artists and young adults who don’t feel they’re being heard or that their work or ideas are taken seriously.

Climate change is all of our responsibility but here we’re looking for early career artists, aged 15-25 proposing work that speaks directly to their peers and others.

In line with their values we actively invite applications from those who are underrepresented in climate change discussions to respond to this brief. This includes taking an inclusive approach to the development of your idea with 15-25 year olds. They expect to engage with artists and creatives of different genders, ethnicities, sexualities, abilities and ages. They also expect to support at least two ideas that directly explore, interrogate, educate and respond to the connection between the environment and diversity, including racial justice and socio-economic background.

They are expecting you to demonstrate commitment to low carbon solutions and environmentally friendly practice in project planning and delivery, as well as in your final work.  This isn’t just about telling the stories of climate frontlines.

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07/05/2021 - 16/05/2021
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