BBC Performing Arts Fund Music Fellowships

Organisations have until October 15 to apply for grants of £10,000 to support a Fellow. The Music Fellowships scheme aims to support individuals through the early stages of their music careers; helping to establish themselves in the professional world through bespoke placements within existing music organisations.

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Posted: 10/03/2022

All Fellowships should offer an opportunity for a talented and motivated emerging creative music maker to work under the guidance of experienced mentors to develop their skills, experiment, create and showcase their work, and experience the reality of working in a professional music environment. Fellowships can be offered to a range of creative music makers including musicians, singers, producers, conductors, programmers and composers.

The grant can be used to cover the cost of the Fellowship for the organisation and the individual Fellow. The grant should allow the Fellow to undertake the placement without being out of pocket; therefore, the majority of the grant is expected to be spent on per diems, accommodation and travel costs for the Fellow.

Fellowships can take place anytime between 1 February 2013 and 31 January 2014. The Fellow could work intensively for just a few months around one event for example, or undertake a part-time commitment over a much longer period.

Not-for-profit and commercial organisations working within all genres of music in the UK are eligible to apply. Commercial organisations must ring fence the grant in its entirety and ensure that it is not used for any purpose other than the Fellowship. Commercial organisations may not use any of the grant to cover the organisation’s overheads in administrating the Fellowship placement.

Organisations must:

  • Have been in existence since 1 April 2010.
  • Have a bank account in the name of the organisation.

Fellowships can take place across more than one host organisation, but one organisation must take the lead and be the main point of contact.

For more information visit the BBC Performing Arts Fund website.

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