Artist’s Recruitment for ArtWorks research project

Trinity Laban are seeking experienced artists for research into Addressing the Dynamic:

The needs of artists and arts managers in participatory arts projects

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Posted: 09/10/2013

Last month Trinity Laban Learning and Participation successfully bid for a Paul Hamlyn Foundation ArtWorks development grant. Our proposal will take the form of an action learning set looking into what skills arts managers need and what do artists want from managers to ensure the facilitation of high quality participatory arts projects? We have identified that this is an area that has yet to be explore by ArtWorks and is an interesting and relevant professional development consideration for the arts participatory sector.

More information on the project including our rationale, suggested model and key research questions can be found in the document attached.

We will be drawing together ten experienced artists and 15 project managers from across London who all work regularly in arts and participatory settings and who together represent a range of art forms and settings. We would very much like it if you would be involved in this research project. This will involve you attending a half day session of action learning on Friday 27 September 9.30am-1.30pm. This action learning session will give you the opportunity to work with nine other artists and an expert facilitator in considering the challenges and barriers that exist around management and leadership in your participatory arts employment. Your input will feed into a national piece of research while the day itself will be a valuable professional development opportunity.

We believe if organisations and individuals can have a better understanding of the expectations on either side and the skills arts managers need to fully support their freelance artists, the sector will be able to improve the support offered to freelance artists enabling stronger collaboration and partnership with a greater impact on participants. Consulting with artists to develop our understanding of this issue is imperative.

Trinity Laban understands that freelance artists find it challenging to find the time and resources to participate in projects such as this. We are therefore able to offer a payment of £75 to contribute to your half day involvement.

You can find out more about our work here http://www.trinitylaban.ac.uk/schools-community and information on the ArtWorks national initiative can be found on their website http://www.artworksphf.org.uk/ 

If you are interested in taking part please contact Annie Sheen a.sheen@trinitylaban.ac.uk by Thursday 26 September

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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