Artistic Director Vacancy, Kestrel Theatre Company

Kestrel Theatre Company puts arts professionals (theatre directors, actors, filmmakers, musicians, designers etc) together with people in prison (or who have recently been released), to produce new and original work, usually for filmed or live performance.

Deadline: 24th April 2021

Open Until:

Posted: 04/02/2021

Now, as Kestrel Theatre Company seek to consolidate and expand on past
achievements They are looking for an artistic director/producer to work
with them on a flexible, part-time basis. 

The key responsibilities of the job:

  • Keep an open dialogue with the prisons they work with and continue to develop and nurture relationships with them.
  • Create and deliver an innovative programme of projects
  • Develop relationships with arts professionals and organisations keen to work within the criminal justice system
  • Manage the creative administration of the charity
  • Play a key role in the fundraising strategy

Kestrel Theatre is looking for someone:

  • Who has a passion for using the arts as a way of reaching people on the margins
  • Who has professional experience of producing and/or directing theatre and/or film
  • With knowledge of best practice in outreach programmes
  • Who has a proactive attitude
  • Who is confident in dealing with people from all backgrounds
  • Who has experience of fundraising

Remuneration and working practice

Kestrel is a small charity wholly funded by donations from
trusts and individuals. We do not have any office infrastructure and
currently have no PAYE employees. Kestrel works closely with a team of
highly engaged professional freelancers – our Associate Artists – and a
hands on and supportive board. The newly appointed artistic director
would be expected to work from home, providing an average of one day a
week to work with the board of trustees to administer the charity. For
this we are offering a fee of £10,000 per year. There will also be the
opportunity for the artistic director to engage directly with the three
or four projects we deliver each year, paid additionally, according to
the available budget.

For more information, visit the website.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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