Lewisham Local Community Contributor Card

The Lewisham Local Community Contributor Card, recognises the work of Lewisham's volunteers/contributors and offers them the opportunity to receive discounts at local independent shops and businesses. 

Funded by Lewisham Council The Lewisham Local Community Contributor Card is an initiative of Rushey Green Time Bank designed to recognise the invaluable contribution people make towards improving our communities. It covers all types of time giving; whether it is traditional volunteering, time banking, befriending, and grassroots localism initiatives; anything which involves citizens contributing their time to benefit each other and the wider community.

This free card gives volunteers access to a growing number of favourable deals from local independent shops and businesses in Lewisham who want to support volunteers - ‘community contributors' by acknowledging those who give their time and skills to benefit Lewisham's communities.

It is also about strengthening the local economy by encouraging more people to shop at Lewisham’s independent shops and businesses. Traders are signing up to the scheme to offer deals to cardholders, visibly demonstrating they are community contributors. There is a distinctive window sticker that features in the shop windows and market stalls of participating traders.

The word ‘contributor’ is an engaging one, and it also opens to the possibility of other kinds of contribution, or widening the conversation about time giving. The Community Contributor Card gives you something to talk about. Deep down it is about community and a collective commitment to strengthen our neighbourhoods.

The Community Contributor Card scheme is free to join for community organisations, all they need to do is register their interest online after which their volunteers will receive their free card once the registration is completed.

For more information about the card scheme please check out Lewisham Local's website: www.lewishamlocal.org.uk   Or contact Joan Roach : joan@rgtb.org.uk