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What is ArtsAward?

A little about Arts Award and how the children you work with can get involved.

Posted: 11/10/2016

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Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications, and an introductory award, which aims to engage children and young people in the arts and their local arts provision. Anyone can take part up to age 25.

As the levels increase, participants become more involved – from taking part to creating art.

  • Arts Award Discover ­- Introductory level – for discovering the arts, designed for ages 5 plus
  • Arts Award Explore – Entry Level 3 qualification – designed for ages 7 plus
  • Bronze Arts Award – Level 1 qualification – designed for 11 plus
  • Silver Arts Award – Level 2 – includes arts practice and leadership
  • Gold Arts Award – Level 3 – worth 16 UCAS points, includes art development and leadership

To take part you need:

  • An Arts Award Adviser
  • To record each child’s journey (this is very open and notebooks can be purchased to help)
  • To get assessed (this varies with the awards and there is a fee)

The information above is only a guide, best to talk to an arts award adviser and read more on the website

A New Direction recently launched a resource to support with delivering the Arts Award online, with a ‘transitional focus’ to help year 6 children achieve their ‘Arts Award Discover’ online. This includes a digital logbook to record a child’s journey and guidance for facilitators. 

Discover more about this on A New Direction’s website.

LEAN are part of the Lewisham and Greenwich ArtsAward network, keep any eye on our website for future events and do explore the links below for more information.


on LEAN’s website:

Arts Bulletin
– local activities for young people

Our ArtsMark
and Arts Award section
– providing up to date information and resources about the awards

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